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Promoting the Use of Fiberglass Equipment
Lined with Corrosion Resistant Plastic

In 2003, Bayer AG commissioned Christen & Laudon to manufacture two storage tanks based on a GRP composite design (glass-fibre backed plastic) for the storage of hydrochloric acid. Due to the enormous size of the planned tanks, Christen & Laudon only considered a GRP composite construction. This comprises a chemically resistant thermoplastic as the in-liner – PVDF in this case, thanks to its good resistance to aggressive media – and structural laminate in GRP, a composite material made from resin and glass. Click here to read the details.

In 2007 the companies OIH and PLASTICON GERMANY secured a contract to line a steel chimney for the OMV AG refinery in Schwechat/Austria with a composite structure comprising E-CTFE-GK/GRP. PLASTICON GERMANY supplied four composite pipe sections made of SIMONA® E-CTFE-GK/ GRP for the 88 m high chimney with an external diameter of 5.5 m. Click here to read the details.

Three High Pressure FEP/FRP dual laminate HCL absorber columns for a major chemical company in North America. Click here to read the details.