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Promoting the Use of Fiberglass Equipment
Lined with Corrosion Resistant Plastic

In 2003, Bayer AG commissioned Christen & Laudon to manufacture two storage tanks based on a GRP composite design (glass-fibre backed plastic) for the storage of hydrochloric acid. Due to the enormous size of the planned tanks, Christen & Laudon only considered a GRP composite construction. This comprises a chemically resistant thermoplastic as the in-liner – PVDF in this case, thanks to its good resistance to aggressive media – and structural laminate in GRP, a composite material made from resin and glass. Click here to read the details.

In 2007 the companies OIH and PLASTICON GERMANY secured a contract to line a steel chimney for the OMV AG refinery in Schwechat/Austria with a composite structure comprising E-CTFE-GK/GRP. PLASTICON GERMANY supplied four composite pipe sections made of SIMONA® E-CTFE-GK/ GRP for the 88 m high chimney with an external diameter of 5.5 m. Click here to read the details.

Three High Pressure FEP/FRP dual laminate HCL absorber columns for a major chemical company in North America. Click here to read the details.

The John Kidd award is presented annually to the individual whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence and integrity in the field of Dual Laminates. The individual can be a fabricator, material supplier, inventor, consultant, end user, welder, or anyone else who has been instrumental in the development fabrication, or promotion of Dual Laminates.

John Kidd Award Winners Nominations