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Promoting the Use of Fiberglass Equipment
Lined with Corrosion Resistant Plastic

Join AGRU, Wegener Welding, and SKZ for a week-long fluoropolymer engineering & fluoropolymer welder training course in Burr Ridge, IL from May 14-18, 2018. The program consists of theoretical classes and hands-on practical welding. The cost of the course is on the registration form. Early Bird Pricing ends on February 28, 2018.  

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John Kidd Awards

  • 2018 John Kidd Award Winner

    2018 John Kidd Award Winner

    We are proud to announce that Hardin Wells takes top honors with this year’s award. His career in composites spans more than 32 years. Amazingly, all of that has been with a single firm. Not many of us can make that same claim. Hardin has long been...

The John Kidd award is presented annually to the individual whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence and integrity in the field of Dual Laminates. The individual can be a fabricator, material supplier, inventor, consultant, end user, welder, or anyone else who has been instrumental in the development fabrication, or promotion of Dual Laminates.

John Kidd Award Winners Nominations