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Promoting the Use of Fiberglass Equipment
Lined with Corrosion Resistant Plastic

The next DLFA meeting will be held at The Platinum Hotel and Spa, Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 21, 2015, at approximately 1:30 PM immediately after the RTP Dual Laminate Subcommittee meeting.

DLFA is planning to hold a meeting in Tampa, Florida, April 2015.  The meeting will be held after the ASME RTP-1 Dual Laminate Subcommittee meeting or a short time after which the Executive Team deems most convenient for members.   Further details on the meeting and agenda to follow from the Executive Team.

Computerized pipe fusion and customized multimandrel filament winding equipment mass-produces nearly four miles of pipe for chemical plant in China.

Source: CPF Dualam Vancouver CPF Dualam Vancouver’s multimandrel filament winding machinery and automated pipe fusion equipment made it possible to manufacture and install 25,000-ft/7,620m of dual-laminated pipe at a BASF chemical plant in Shanghai, China.

“We are competing with titanium and stainless steel in the critical service industry for severe corrosion,” says Guyle McCuaig, vice president of CPF Dualam Vancouver, noting that dual-laminate pipe is lighter than comparable titanium pipe and comes in at about half the cost. Unlike lined steel, dual laminates will not externally corrode and, according to the company’s calculations, weigh 75 percent less.

Author: Susan Rush
Posted on: 4/1/2007
Source: Composites Technology

A challenge to design and fabricate, the largest-known PVDF-lined vessels now successfully serve at PTA plants

When BP, London, decided to expand its purified terephthalic acid (PTA) capabilities in the Far East, the company was faced with the prospect of building two large scrubbers that would be subject to bromine corrosion. BP, working in conjunction with CPF Dualam, Montreal, decided to fabricate these large vessels for bromine service using chemically inert Kynar polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), from Atofina Chemicals, Philadelphia, as a primary corrosion barrier.

BP and Dualam selected Kynar PVDF because it also provides the chemical and permeation resistance necessary at the operating temperatures while being a cost-effective fluoropolymer. Predicting service lives for the vessels is difficult, but they are expected to last as long as titanium vessels, or more than 20 years, depending on service conditions.

Author: Diane Dierking
Posted on: May 2004
Source: Chemical Processing

In 2004 Delaware became the first state in the Union to pass a law requiring that all aboveground fiberglass reinforced tanks of 12,000 or more gallons intended to store hazardous materials be designed, fabricated, inspected and stamped in accordance with the ASME RTP-1 Standard – a standard of accreditation in existence since 1989.

The ASME stamp provides a variety of assurance guarantees that the vessel has been manufactured in accordance with the rigid ASME specifications.

Author: George Black
Posted on: May 2005
Source: Processing Magazine

The John Kidd award is presented annually to the individual whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence and integrity in the field of Dual Laminates. The individual can be a fabricator, material supplier, inventor, consultant, end user, welder, or anyone else who has been instrumental in the development fabrication, or promotion of Dual Laminates.

John Kidd Award Winners Nominations