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Promoting the Use of Fiberglass Equipment
Lined with Corrosion Resistant Plastic

Dual Laminate Fabrication Association (DLFA) is a nonprofit organization that exists to promote the benefits and use of Dual Laminate equipment in corrosion and high-purity applications. DLFA's vision is to assist our members and the industry with:

1. Standards for Design, Fabrication, and Materials

Develop criteria for construction design, fabrication, testing, and proper materials selection.

2. Technical Resources

Serve as a centralized resource for technical information associated with standards, material selection, fabrication, testing, and project profiles.

3. Materials Capability

Combine the efforts of vendors, educators, fabricators, and end users to develop accurate information on materials capability.

4. Education and Assistance

Present best practices to ensure the market is updated on the latest advances in fabrication and corrosion resistant materials. Provide education and advice related to chemical resistance and design.

5. Awareness

Create a better understanding of dual-laminate equipment and its capability for industry. Differentiate the advantages of dual laminate equipment compared to other alternatives.

The John Kidd award is presented annually to the individual whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence and integrity in the field of Dual Laminates. The individual can be a fabricator, material supplier, inventor, consultant, end user, welder, or anyone else who has been instrumental in the development fabrication, or promotion of Dual Laminates.

John Kidd Award Winners Nominations